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an immersive floral exhibition in st. pete, florida



Florida Is called The "Land Of Flowers" for a reason, and Tampa is home to a unique collection of talented, cutting-edge designers who have an eye for out-of-the-box design and floral storytelling. "Bloomers!" was created by local florist Regan Smith to put their talents front and center with a floral-focused, limited and living gallery of blooming installations surrounding a unique and exciting theme, connecting the community to the artistry of floral design.

The weekend-long gallery's inaugural year features designs based around the Four Seasons to explore, as well as exclusive after-hours events for guests who want to get the most out of the "Bloomers!" Experience. Profits from this years' ticket sales will go towards legal fees to establish the Tampa Bay Florists' Fund, which will act as a local trade union to improve the working conditions of floral industry workers based in the Tampa Bay Area.



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Regan focuses on whimsical, story-oriented designs with unique color schemes, textures and dimension. She's been designing locally since 2021 and opened her first Pinellas-based retail store in May of this year.

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Hi! My name is Ali Smith and I am the owner and lead floral designer of flowersmith- a bespoke floral design studio specializing in weddings and events. Flowersmith was born out of a love for all things homemade, handmade and intentionally made. I once read, “Maybe the desire to make something beautiful is the little piece of heaven inside each of us”. I fully believe flowers were put here on earth to give us a glimpse into heaven. This business is dedicated to getting unique and novelty flowers into the hands of people to be admired and adored for what they are- a beautiful, delicate and unfathomable gift.

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Talia is a hairdresser turned floral designer. She started her floral business in 2020, after a wrist injury forced her to retire from her career as a hairdresser. Flowers helped her heal in ways she hadn't imagined and she found full creative freedom with flowers. She's never looked back!

Diana Scafoglio-Ducharme
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Hi! I'm Diana, the owner and lead designer at Petals Presents and Parties. I started my business 6 years ago after retiring from an 11 year career at a Broker Dealer. Flowers created as art, and being part of the best day of so many people's lives fuel me. I am a firefighter wife, boy mom, and floral artist all wrapped in one.

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Owner of The Roaming Petal. Originally from New Jersey my love for flowers truly blossomed when I was living in Bali Indonesia.  I fell in love with the way the culture used them in such an artistic way that I began helping at a flower shop learning everything I could. I soon realized that I wanted to share the joy, fun and healing I was getting from playing with flowers with others and launched The Roaming Petal. I am now a flower teacher, certified floral healer and lover of all things nature. In my free time you can find us roaming the world learning about new cultures and places. 

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Nicole Brady is the lead floral designer at Small Things Flower Co. Designing florals for over two years, Nicole’s creative vision is consistently inspired by the vibrant and diverse community she serves here in St. Petersburg. Always selecting the freshest of blooms, Nicole aims to give all her clients a memorable & unique floral experience.

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Sabrina Johnson, the Creative Director of FLOAT Flora, has been in the events industry since 2004, the wedding industry since 2010; and it has been her delight to curate a romantic aesthetic that brings a floral dream to fruition since 2019.


With a background in styling brides, she takes the same editorial and modern approach to enrich floral designs with a sense of movement and space, influenced by a background in dance and art. Sabrina studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design for her Masters in Arts Administration, and obtained her Bachelors in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Central Florida.

Maven Way
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Established in 2023, Maven Way is a floral design company based in St. Petersburg, Florida with an expertise for blending passion and tradition into artistic floral arrangements. Playful. Bold. Intimate. Refreshingly classic. For weddings, events, holidays and more, let us flower, the Maven Way.


Event Information

friday, 8/25
Private Photography Hour
get early access to our fresh blooms and build your portfolio
open gallery hours
explore our collection of living floral artwork
saturday, 8/26
Sensory hour
enjoy the gallery with lowered capacity and accommodations for guests with special needs
open gallery hours
explore our collection of living floral artwork
designer talk back + tasting
chat with the designers about the inspiration behind their designs while tasting natural wine
sunday, 8/27
sensory hour
enjoy the gallery with lowered capacity and accommodations for guests with special needs
open gallery hours
explore our collection of living floral artwork
bloombox concert 
Send off the flowers with a rowdy night of music by local artists



HEIRESS is a contemporary gallery and art advisory in Southwest Florida focused on curating innovative emerging and mid-career artists. Their mission is centered around creating a program that promotes artist equity and contributes to the larger community of artists and collectors.

2622 Fairfield Ave S.
Bldg 7, Studio A
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

For ease of access, park behind the Fairgrounds St. Pete Building and enter up the ramp to the right of the Fairgrounds Patio

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